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A Perfect Example of What I’m Talking About April 9, 2012

Posted by Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus in Uncategorized.

One of the things that I’ve noted while documenting the saga of Hephzibah House has been the tendency on the part of its accusers to shy away from having to actually provide evidence for their accusations.  After all, evidence is testable, while mere allegations are not.  It’s easy to make the charge that “Ron Williams did this” or “Hephzibah House did that” five, ten, twenty years ago.  It’s much more difficult to make the charge and then show objective proof that the charge is true

This is why the Hephzibah Haters get so angry whenever their stories are challenged.  They know that they can’t bring forward actual evidence, so they have to deflect attention away from this deficiency, by one means or another.  Typically, this is done through “emotional outrage” – “How DARE you disagree with us and support ABUSE!!!!” goes the “argument.”   Not only is it simply a bad argument, but it also demonstrates a substantial amount of intellectual laziness on the part of the Hephzibah House accusers and their supporters. 

Unwittingly, perhaps, the Haters provided an example of this type of deflection, over at Fundamental Forums.com, on a thread dating back to last September.  In this post, “Mailman” (real name Rodney Grotte) makes one of the typical accusations against Hephzibah House by saying,

To keep the child safe from a blow so fierce Ron Williams broke a girls [sic] errant hand during a “spanking” once.”

So Rodney’s accusation is that Ron Williams once broke a girl’s hand in the process of giving her a beatdown.  What we have here is a testable claim.  After all, while Hephzibah House may have a private physician on call to deal with any health needs that the girls at the school may have, a broken hand is not the kind of thing that you can just slap a bandaid on and go on with your lives.  A broken hand would require emergency trauma treatment, beyond the sort that an on-call doctor using the medical facilities onsite at Hephzibah House would be able to provide.  The girl would have needed hospitalization. 

So right there, you have a situation in which a report WILL have been filed, had this really happened.  By law, whenever a minor is brought into a hospital to receive treatment in a case where there would even be the suspicion (much less it actually being proven) of child abuse, the hospital or other treatment facility is required to report it to the state.  This is the case in pretty much every state in the union, including Indiana, per IC 31-33-10.  Further, X-rays would have been taken and treatment rendered, which are also recorded events.

“But,” the Haters might argue,” what if they didn’t take the girl in for treatment?  Well, it would be pretty apparent, after the fact, that this girl had had a broken hand that wasn’t treated properly.  This would be readily apparent to any physician, including ones should could have gone to once she was 18 years old and legally an adult who was no longer a resident at Hephzibah House.  In other words, there would still be provable, X-rayable evidence of a bone injury that did not heal properly.

The other argument that some of the Haters might make is that Ron Williams, using his astounding powers of psychic manipulation and mind control, somehow managed to so befuddle the minds of the doctors and nurses at the hospital so as to not file an abuse report.  Maybe he talked them into believing that she just hurt herself doing something around the facility?  Well, there would STILL be records of the treatment she’d have received at the hospital, regardless.  She’d still have a patient ID number, photostats of her X-rays, records of her admission and treatment.  And she’d still have access to all of these records herself.

So, if Ron Williams had really broken a girl’s hand while beating her, there would be all kinds of evidence to prove this, or at least to strongly substantiate this version of events:

  • Abuse report filed to the state.
  • Record of the girl’s admission to the hospital, with a description of her injuries.
  • X-rays and other tangible records of her treatment.
  • Or, if she was not admitted, there’d still be the option for her to see a sympathetic physician after she was free of Hephzibah House, and obtain much of this same evidence from him/her.

And given the animus that the Hephzibah Haters have toward Hephzibah House, I find it highly unlikely that did such evidence exist, they would refrain from bringing it forward as quickly and as loudly as possible.

It should be with interest, then, that we view a post a few days later by “brianab” (real name unknown to me).  Another poster on the forum using the handle “FreedomSoar” asked essentially the same questions I am asking in this post while responding to Rodney’s accusation,

“Do you have proof of this? An X-ray, or Doctors record? Never heard this one…if one lie doesn’t work you have to keep adding more lies. Embellishing any story IS a LIE!”

To which brianab responded,

“Why do you have a problem with testimonies of survivors of Hephzibah House so much? Do you have the same feelings about survivors of other institutes that have the same philosophy like Padah here from the Roloff Rebekah home in 1978?…”

So what we see here in brianab’s post is two-fold:

1) He completely brushed off the request for actual evidence, and responds with an appeal back to the original accusation(s), as if the simple fact of accusations were all the evidence needed to prove themselves (i.e. circular reasoning).  Never mind all that stuff like “X-rays” and “doctors’ reports.”  That’s all just hate propaganda used by those mean old fundamentalist fuddy-duddies who support child abuse!

2) He then resorts to “guilt by extension” logical fallacy that the Haters commonly use, which I documented previously here.  He tries to make what happens with Hephzibah House contingent to what happened with the Roloff Homes, which is false logic.  By doing so, however, brianab apparently hopes to give himself an out from having to actually provide or demonstrate actual evidences against Hephzibah House.

Once again – the reason the Hephzibah Haters are so adverse to being questioned on evidentiary grounds is because they know they lose the argument if/when that happens.   So long as they can float from forum to forum and make wild-eyed accusations to people who’ve never heard of Hephzibah House before, and can sway them to their side using emotion, they get to “win” the argument.  If they ever had to actually put up, to paraphrase John Major, they would quickly find that they’d have to shut up.



1. ghfcpennington - April 9, 2012

GOOD POST! Thank you again for using reason!

2. Nadek - April 16, 2012

Once again…an excellent response especially to Rodneys utter foolishness on the FFF

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